Mission Statement: STAR Academy of Toledo will provide a caring, nurturing, neighborhood educational choice, by providing a high-quality competency-based education which integrates the teaching of character education/values and self-discipline, incorporates technology, stresses the importance of school attendance, and addresses the individual educational needs of each student.

Through academic excellence, the learning of desirable character traits, proper behavior and good attendance, STAR Academy of Toledo will graduate students who are academically successful lifelong learners, and responsible citizens in their school community, neighborhoods, and city.  Each student will experience academic success and increased personal self-worth.

Educational Program: Star Academy of Toledo works together with parents, involving them in the education of their children and forming a partnership aimed at increasing each child’s academic achievement.
Curriculum: Star Academy of Toledo’s curriculum combines the rigors of solid skill building in the core content areas of English/Language Arts, Math and Science with our award winning, interdisciplinary humanities and social studies curriculum called Paragon®. The core curriculum includes the nation’s top rated Open Court Reading, SRA Math, Harcourt Brace Science, and Spanish. Students will receive the balance of core courses coupled with the “hands-on” approach of Paragon® that enables them to practically apply what they learn in class.

Technology: To master true computer literacy, students require hands-on access to computers as a tool for authentic learning. Star Academy of Toledo will equip each classroom with computers and provide a laptop for each teacher and administrator.

Assessment: The barometers that gauge Star Academy of Toledo’s success include higher student standardized test scores, market progress in the quality of performance-based assessments, improved student attendance, and retention, as well as enhanced motivation, satisfaction, and morale on the part of students, teachers, and parents.

Secure Environment: Safety is a top priority. Star Academy of Toledo provides an emotionally and physically safe learning environment. We recognize that effective instruction requires an orderly environment focused on learning, and that the school must support parents’ efforts to teach their children the principles of excellence. We are committed to providing students with a sense of belonging and a feeling of significance so that they feel safe to learn, to grow, and to thrive.

Teachers: Star Academy of Toledo is committed to hiring, training, and retaining star teachers and talented leaders in educational management. All teachers will be highly qualified, experienced individuals who have a strong sense of purpose and a willingness to challenge themselves as life long learners. Our teachers will compel all students to excel by concentrating on engaging every child in learning and by holding students and themselves to high standards.

Parents: We believe that a close connection between home and school is crucial to student performance. Star Academy of Toledo will expect parents to be actively engaged in their students academic success.