At STAR Academy we are inspired by providing a well-rounded education. We are dedicated to giving each child exposure to ideas, knowledge and ways of thinking. We are committed in our lessons to activating prior knowledge so that children progress with their learning at a deep level. We believe in teaching to the Multiple Intelligences–a foundation for recognizing and making the most of individual student’s abilities and talents.

Our school days are planned so that children receive a solid foundation in core subjects and enrichment subjects.

Daily Instruction

Language Arts

Rotating Lesson

Rotating Instruction

Rotating classes in Arts, Technology, Physical Education and Spanish occur daily and often feature integration of our unique Paragon™ curriculum to extend the immersive learning environment beyond the daily Paragon™ lesson.

Extended Learning Time

Students at Mosaica-managed schools have consistently achieved rates of educational improvement greater than they had achieved prior to enrolling at a Mosaica-managed school and better than achieved by students at surrounding schools. Part of this success stems from continuous and challenging instruction in core subjects that improves student performance. Part of our approach to improving student learning additionally includes extending the school day by one hour and the school year by 20 days. Research shows that many students need additional time to master academic skills and knowledge. The extended school day and school year enables our students to graduate from High School with the equivalent of nearly four years more schooling than other children.