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While fashion changes, the reason for being in school does not. School is a place of learning and students should dress accordingly. The purposes of STAR Academy’s dress code is to enhance the learning environment by promoting school safety, good behavior and avoid discipline problems because of the peer pressure of indulging in the latest fashion trends.

The staff and administration insist that students wear their uniforms properly. This includes tucking shirts in. Parents and students are equally responsible for the appearance of the student.

School uniforms are to be worn daily except on picture days (when indicated) or other special event days. Uniform specifics are described on the following pages. Extreme variance in student attire will not be allowed. This includes tying shirts, sagging pants, shirt tails un-tucked, shirts of another color under the uniform shirt and any other variances the administration deems inappropriate. In addition, jackets, hoodies and pullovers are not permitted to be worn at any time, unless they are STAR spirit wear. 


In addition to the specifics of the policy on the following pages, these general guidelines are to be followed on a daily basis. Final decisions on what is acceptable are made by the administration. Specific exceptions may be given by the administration for certain occasions.

  • All clothing must fit neatly and be clean.
  • Tops must be long enough to be tucked into bottoms, including when arms are raised overhead as well as when seated.
  • Skirts, skorts and shorts should be fingertip length or longer (no more than three inches above the kneecap).
  • No writing, pictures or embellishments on any clothing.
  • Footwear must be worn at all times and adequately secure to the foot. No sandals, flip flops, slides, or any shoe that exposes the toes or heel.
  • Students are encouraged to leave expensive clothing or accessories at home. STAR Academy is not responsible for items which are lost, stolen or damaged.
  • Athletic shoes may be worn but conform to all dress code guidelines

Clothing or appearance that is NOT acceptable includes the following:

  • Du-rags, headscarves, hats, bandanas, head covering
  • Plunging necklines (no exposed cleavage or midriffs)
  • Combs, picks, brushes (being worn or carried around)
  • Any clothing, jewelry (including beads and mardi gras necklaces) or other item which identifies a student as a member of a gang
  • Rolled or pulled up pant leg(s)
  • Denim material jeans (blue, black or tan) SCHOOL UNIFORM PANTS ONLY
  • Over-sized clothing, saggy or baggy pants
  • Form fitting or hipster pants
  • Any material that is sheer or lightweight enough to see through
  • Over-sized or “noisy” jewelry (such as bangles)
  • Mouth jewelry

Please review the dress code policy carefully. Please govern yourself in accordance with the DRESS CODE POLICY. We will strictly enforce the dress code as well as the consequences for not adhering to the dress code.

Parents will be notified by phone and provided written notification when their child is out of dress code. The parent must bring a change of clothing to the school. THE STUDENT WILL MISS OUT ON LEARNING BY BEING REMOVED FROM THE CLASSROOM UNITL HE/SHE IS IN DRESS CODE. Failure to abide by the dress code is a violation of the school’s Code of Conduct. Continued disregard of the dress code policy may be grounds for suspension.

Notices of this policy are posted in each school building and are in the student handbooks. Students who do not comply with this dress code will be subject to discipline as outlined above.


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